ThinkPad T520 ac adapter charger 20v 4.5a genuine


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Brand new genuine Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T520 series 20v 4.5a 90w ac adapter charger + free cord

Input:AC 100-240V,50-60Hz
Output:DC 20V,4.5A 90W
Connecter size:7.9*5.5mm
Warranty:12 months

Status:Brand new & genuine

free send a power plug fit your country


you can purchase thinkpad 65w adapter here:

ThinkPad T520 20v 3.25a 65w ac adapter charger

IBM Part number:

92P1105, 92P1109, 92P1113, 92P1110, 92P1114, 92P1106, PA-1900-171

Replacement of IBM FRU P/N:

FRU 92P1104,FRU 92P1106,FRU 92P1108,FRU 92P1110,FRU 92P1112,FRU 92P1114

40Y7663, 40Y7659, 40Y7660, 40Y7661, 40Y7662, 40Y7664, 40Y7665, 40Y7667

40Y7668, 40Y7669, 40Y7670, 40Y7671, 40Y7672, 40Y7673, 40Y7630

Compatible with Model Reference Chart:

LenovovThinkpad T520 series
Thinkpad T520 4239
Thinkpad T520 4240
Thinkpad T520 4241
Thinkpad T520 4242
Thinkpad T520 4243
Thinkpad T520 4244
Thinkpad T520 4246

Note: no all thinkpad models are listed

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