HP TouchSmart 600-1055 600-1050UK ac adapter


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Genuine 463953-001 519331-002 PPP016C PPP016E PPP016H 120w HP TouchSmart 600 600-1000 Desktop PC Power supply Charger Ac Adapter + Free Cord Brand New

Input Voltage:100-240V, 50-60HZ
Output Voltage: 18.5V, 6.5A
Power: 120W
Tip Size:7.4mm*5.0mm
Brand: HP Compaq Adapter
power cord: AU, UK, EU, USA ( fit your country)

Status: Brand new Genuine
Warranty: 12 months

HP Compaq Part number:

463953-001 519331-002 HP-OW120F13
PPP016C PPP016E PPP016H PA-1121-42HD

Fit model:

All-in-one HP TouchSmart 600 600-1100 Desktop PC Series
600-1100kr 600-1105xt CTO 600-1110br 600-1120 600-1120la 600-1130af
600-1130be 600-1130cs 600-1130de 600-1130fr 600-1130gr 600-1130me
600-1130pl 600-1130ru 600-1130sc 600-1130tr 600-1130za 600-1135es
600-1135it 600-1135uk 600-1136d 600-1137d 600-1138d 600-1139tw
600-1140be 600-1140ch 600-1140cs 600-1140de 600-1140es 600-1140fr
600-1140gr 600-1140it 600-1140jp 600-1140me 600-1140pl 600-1140pt
600-1140ru 600-1140sc 600-1140uk 600-1150 600-1150a 600-1151 600-1152
600-1155 600-1160ch 600-1160cs 600-1160de 600-1160es 600-1160fr
600-1160gr 600-1160in 600-1160it 600-1160jp 600-1160me 600-1160nl
600-1160pl 600-1160ru 600-1160sc 600-1160uk 600-1168cn 600-1168hk
600-1170a 600-1170d 600-1170jp 600-1188cn 600-1188hk 600-1190jp

Note: we will send you the right plug used in your country, if you need a different plug, please contact us immediately after you paid.

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