Acer One A150 Netbook series laptop keyboard US


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Brand new Genuine Acer One A150 Netbook series laptop black keyboard US

Brand : Acer keyboard US
Status: Genuine and new!
Color: black
warranty: 90 days warranty

Compatible Part Number

MP-08B43U4-698, KB.INT00.513, AEZG5R00010, 9J.N9482.01D
9J.N9482.K0J, PK1306F0200 , 9J.N9482.10W, 9J.N9482.10E
9J.N9482.004, 9J.N9482.11B AEZG5R00010

Fits Laptop Model

Acer One A150 Netbook Series Laptop
AOA150-1006, AOA150-1035, AOA150-1049, AOA150-1068, AOA150-1083
AOA150-1126, AOA150-1141, AOA150-1172, AOA150-1178, AOA150-1249
AOA150-1316, AOA150-1329, AOA150-1348, AOA150-1359, AOA150-1382
AOA150-1400, AOA150-1405, AOA150-1435, AOA150-1447, AOA150-1457
AOA150-1483, AOA150-1485, AOA150-1504, AOA150-1505, AOA150-1553
AOA150-1555, AOA150-1570, AOA150-1635, AOA150-1649, AOA150-1679
AOA150-1690, AOA150-1706, AOA150-1742, AOA150-1777, AOA150-1784
AOA150-1786, AOA150-1864, AOA150-1887, AOA150-1890, AOA150-1949
AOA150-1987, AOA150L, AOA150X, AOA150-3G, ZG5

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